Photo Album

Getting ready for the Pine Ridge Enduro.

Stan from Minnesota with his prize turkey.

Friends from Germany waiting to go to the Fur Trade Museum

Gary & Skip from the east coast touring Nebraska and the Black Hills.

Some guests are too shy to have their picture taken, but don't mind showing their wares from the open house they had for their home based business.

Crew from LFW Sandblasting on the job painting the new water tower at the Job Corp.

Enjoy the king size bed in this room.

This double room is a favorite with everyone who stays in it.

Gary & Janice Woodburn, former Nebraskans, now residing in Flagstaff, AZ returned to visit the place where they ran out of money on their honeymoon back in September, 1960 . Thanks for stopping and sharing your story with us.  

Lynette & Steve from South Africa touring the U.S. were attracted to our welcome sign.  We spent some time chatting & surfing (the Net).  They have a neat story about how they met.....but you will have to ask Lynette about that!


From "motor" cycles to just cycles.  Please check out their web site at www.longbikeback.com to read their interesting story of why they are biking across Hwy 20. Julia starts filming as they get ready to start for the day.  Good luck, guys!